This article will tell you a little bit about who we are, what our mission is and why we built this site.
The IFDIA is a group of individuals committed to the exchange of information between the fire door inspector, building owner and the authority having jurisdiction.
An individual with knowledge of the operation of components in a fire door assembly and is approved by the authority having jurisdiction to provide an inspection report.
A fire door inspector should have knowledge in the operation of components in a fire door assembly. This knowledge should be further supplemented by education in the NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. Individuals seeking to become a fire door inspector should seek out NFPA 80 training courses that are rigorous and backed by an organization dedicated to quality education. The IFDIA offers such a training course.
The IFDIA curriculum offers the following benefits:


The IFDIA e-learning portal allows for you to get the training you want and need, 24/7, 365 days a year from your work or home web connected computer.


Since IFDIA has the only accredited training curriculum, you will be assured of a quality course that is independently audited by the Internationa Accreditation Services, a leading accreditation agency in the United States and throughout the world.


Continuing education for three years keeps you up to date with the latest developments in codes, standards and requirements.


Travel time, classroom time, and time spent away from your work is eliminated using our robust online training program.


The IFDIA curriculum is packed with actual job site photos to simulate what you will be seeing in the field.

SAVE $$$

The IFDIA online curriculum is priced lower than other programs (none of them are accredited) and will also save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in travel expenses and income lost while you are out of the office.
This is the entity responsible for approving your inspection report and you as a fire door inspector in their jurisdiction. This is typically fire marshal, building official, or code official.
Once you have passed our Advanced Swinging Type Fire Door Assembly Inspection curriculum, you will be given free membership in the Association.
The IFDIA is dedicated to the free exchange of information between the fire door inspector, building owner and AHJ. The IFDIA is dedicated to improving public safety and supports the annual fire door inspection.
If you are not already a graduate of the IFDIA curriculum, or the DHI FDAI curriculum, sign up for our online class by taking the free elearning pre-qualification test. If you get a score of 80% or better, you will be invited to take the advanced online Swinging Type Fire Door Assembly Inspection class.
YES! Once you become a free member, you will have access to the FDI specific forums. These forums are hidden and only accessible to registered FDI members. In these forums you can discuss business practices, reporting techniques, AHJ team building and any other information you find useful. In addition, a staff member of IFDIA will always be on hand to answer any technical questions and help you with your business development.

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