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TOPIC: International Fire Door Inspector Association FAQ
International Fire Door Inspector Association FAQ 8 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 1  
Who is the IFDIA?

The IFDIA is a group of individuals committed to the exchange of information between fire door inspectors, building owners/property managers, and the authority having jurisdiction.

What is a fire door inspector?

An individual with knowledge of the operation of components in a fire door assembly and who is approved by the authority having jurisdiction to provide an inspection report.

How does someone become a fire door inspector?

A fire door inspector should have knowledge in the operation of components in a fire door assembly. This knowledge should be further supplemented by education in the NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. Individuals seeking to become a fire door inspector should seek out NFPA 80 training courses that are rigorous and backed by an organization dedicated to quality education. The IFDIA offers such a training course.

Who is the authority having jurisdiction?

This is the entity responsible for approving fire door inspection reports in the jurisdiction where the doors are located. This is typically a fire marshal, building official, or code official.

What are the benefits of the IFDIA Online Reporting System?


This patent pending online reporting system is available at absolutely no cost to vetted fire door inspectors, recognized AHJ or code officials and all property/building owner/managers who wish to have their fire doors inspected in a professional manner.


The online reporting system is green and eliminates the need for paper reports. All information is entered online.


The online reporting system is convenient as it provides a flexible reporting format.


The automatic email notifications between the fire door inspector, building owner and AHJ is automatic when reports are submitted.


The IFDIA online reporting system covers all instances of quotations from fire door inspectors, online electronic report writing, report review and report acceptance by the AHJ.


The tools are all online and easy to use. No manuals to read and no software needed.

Who may become a member of our free site?

Building Owner/Property Managers

If you are a building owner concerned about the functionality of your fire doors, or if you are being required to have an annual inspection of your fire doors and frames, you are welcome to join. After approval of your free membership request, you will have access to the Fire Door Inspector locator database. You will also be able to communicate anonymously should you so desire. Your privacy is important to us and we would suggest not releasing your contact information or jobsite address until such time as you have accepted a quote.

Fire Door Inspectors

If you are a Fire Door Inspector and have taken the IFDIA accredited online Swinging Type Fire Door Inspection course, or the DHI FDAI course, you are also free to join. Again, your membership will need to be approved by a membership committee person. Your Certificate of Completion will need to be uploaded at the time of your profile creation. Failure to upload a certificate of classroom or course completion will delay your membership.

Code Official/AHJ

If you are an AHJ or Code Official, you must use your agency email address to register. We require this so that we can verify who you are and register actual AHJ or Code Enforcement personnel on our site as approval authorities. Your membership is also free.

How do I find more specific information?

Each free membership group will have access to private forums within the IFDIA general site. This is so that each member group can discuss, inform and engage in positive discourse.
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