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Who is the IFDIA?

The IFDIA is a group of individuals committed to the exchange of information between the fire door inspector, building owner and the authority having jurisdiction.

How can the IFDIA help my department?


Save you and your staff time by being able to review, comment and approve inspection reports 24/7. 365 from your office or home computer.


The IFDIA website and online reporting system are paperless.


Have confidence the fire door inspectors using the IFDIA online reporting system are vetted and have taken a rigorous training course. AHJ’s can view the training course certificate of completion to determine if the fire door inspector is acceptable to your jurisdiction.


The online reporting system is easy to use, requires no training and requires no special software. Simply view the video tutorial for the online reporting system.


The IFDIA uses auto generated emails to facilitate communication between the fire door inspector and AHJ. You are able to communicate and comment on the inspection report.

Comments include;

  • Approval

  • Non-approval

  • Call for re-inspection

  • More Info

  • Additionally, you can enter text or ask specific questions of the Fire Door Inspector.

    Inspection report comments are date stamped to facilitate back and forth communication while providing verifiable audit records.


    Inspection reports are always there for viewing.


    All reports are password protected so confidentiality is maintained.

    What control do I have over reports?

    The AHJ has full control over the approval of the inspection reports. The fire door inspector documents compliance or non-compliance to the NFPA 80 requirements and only the AHJ can approve each door assembly and/or the entire inspection report.

    The IFDIA online reporting system does not permit modification by the building owner. Only the fire door inspector and AHJ can update the content. Once submitted, the content is date stamped and cannot be modified.

    What are some ideas for implementation in my jurisdiction?

    Each jurisdiction is able to use the IFDIA website and online reporting system to complement the implementation of the annual fire door inspection specified in NFPA 80. If applicable, permit fees similar to permit fees for fire alarm, fire sprinklers and elevators may be instituted for buildings with fire door assemblies in your jurisdiction. You may provide administrative staff access to the inspection reports to determine if permit fees have been submitted prior to final approval of the inspection report.

    Why is membership free?

    The IFDIA is dedicated to the free exchange of information between the fire door inspector, building owner and AHJ. The IFDIA is dedicated to improving public safety and supports the annual fire door inspection.

    What sort of qualifications do IFDIA members have?

    Fire door inspector Association members are vetted by the IFDIA only after submission of a certificate of completion for a training course relevant to NFPA 80 annual fire door inspections. Our members must provide proof of having taken a training course that is accredited and/or offered by an agency dedicated to quality education . Registered AHJ staff can view the certificate of completion for any fire door inspector to determine if that person will be approved to conduct fire door inspections in your jurisdiction. Currently, IFDIA accepts certificates of completion from the IFDIA accredited training curriculum. This training curriculum is accredited by the International Accreditation Services (IAS), which is part of the ICC parent company that authors the International Building Code. IFDIA also accepts the certificate of completion issued by the Door Hardware Institute.

    Why is online reporting better?

    The IFDIA online reporting system is convenient because the inspection report is available online 24/7, 365. No more stacks and files containing paper inspection reports with numerous revisions. Be assured the inspection report online is the latest version. The online system includes date stamped communication so you can easily determine the history of the inspection report and the status of the inspection. You can conduct your review when you want and where you want, even from the comfort of your home computer. In these times of reduced staffing, having an online reporting system eliminates the need for you and your administrative staff to expend their time handling, filing, and locating the inspection report.

    Is my jurisdiction required to have annual fire door inspections?

    The IFDIA fully supports the need for annual fire door inspections to further enhance public safety. Many tragedies have taken place due to fire door assemblies not being properly maintained. Each jurisdiction does have the authority to require or not require this inspection. The International Building Code references the NFPA 80 standard in Chapter 7. NFPA 80 is a national installation code for fire door and other opening protectives. If you are using the IBC and NFPA 80 standard, you should consider the need for annual fire door inspection. The annual fire door inspection, along with other inspections you already require in your jurisdiction, all play a vital role in public safety.

    What will the contracted IFIDA member fire door inspector look for?

    The IFDIA fire door inspector will follow the NFPA 80 Chapter 5 Care and Maintenance requirements for functional testing. They will specifically adhere to Paragraph which lists eleven items that shall be verified. This is a visual inspection and they will record what they observe for each door assembly. We urge the fire door inspector to contact the AHJ prior to the inspection to discuss any special AHJ requirements.

    How will I view reports?

    The reports are viewed online. Once the fire door inspector enters the content for the inspection report online, an auto generated email will be sent to the AHJ alerting him to the availability of an inspection report for review and approval. The AHJ clicks on a link in the email and enters a unique username and password to access the report (AHJ must register for a free account to have access). The AHJ can also access other inspection reports that may be in process or already approved after logging into the secure website.

    How the IFDIA can save your department money?

    The IFDIA online reporting system and website is free for any AHJ to join. Note that the IFDIA online reporting system and website is also free to the fire door inspector and building owners. The online reporting system will save your department money by eliminating paper inspection reports. Staff will be able to get more work done and spend less time communicating by phone or email back and forth to discuss the inspection report review and approval. The date stamped comment feature permits both the AHJ and fire door inspector to enter comments on the inspection report, eliminating back and forth phone calls and emails. Of course, we urge the fire door inspector and AHJ to communicate with each other using a method that is effective to both parties.

    I am a little unsure about how to begin. What's the next step?

    Register by going to the upper right hand corner of this page and clicking on the "register" button. Once you are registered and your profile is approved (we only accept AHJ personnel who are real officials), you will have access to the AHJ forums. These forums are ONLY for AHJ personnel. You can discuss implementation, permit fees, management processes and any number of ideas floating around.

    You can also get great ideas from other jurisdictions, pass on any information you feel is helpful, and learn from the largest community of this type online.


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