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Who is the IFDIA?

The IFDIA is a group of individuals committed to the exchange of information between the fire door inspector, building owner and the authority having jurisdiction.

What is a fire door inspector?

An individual with knowledge of the operation of components in a fire door assembly and is approved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction to provide an inspection report.

What are the benefits of an outside contractor fire door inspector?

A third party fire door inspector ensures objectivity and may be preferred by your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Check with your local AHJ to determine who is approved to provide an annual fire door inspection for your property or facility.

How does the IFDIA streamline your fire door inspections?

The IFDIA online reporting system includes the following features, specifically developed with the building owner in mind.

  • Find a fire door inspector with ease

  • Search by City, State or Zip Code

  • Submit Request for Quote to multiple inspectors

  • Accept Quote with the click of a button

  • View Inspection Reports

  • Remain anonymous until you choose an inspector

  • View the AHJ comments and requirements online

  • Who is the Authority Having Jurisdiction?

    This is the entity responsible for approving your inspection report and the fire door inspector in their jurisdiction. This is typically a fire marshal, building official, or code official.

    Why do I need my fire doors inspected?

    The International Building Code, Chapter 7 specifies doors shall comply with NFPA 80, the Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. The 2007 edition of the NFPA 80 standard was updated to require annual fire door inspections. These inspections help improve public safety.

    Why is membership free?

    The IFDIA is dedicated to the free exchange of information between the fire door inspector, building owner and AHJ. The IFDIA is dedicated to improving public safety and supports the annual fire door inspection requirement.

    What are the benefits of the IFDIA Online Reporting System?


    This patent pending online reporting system is available at absolutely no cost to building owners, AHJ or Fire Door Inspector personnel.


    Since building owners can request multiple quotes on this single platform, costs will be lowered and competitive bidding will help keep expenses down.


    The online reporting system is green and eliminates the need for paper reports. All information is entered online and can be viewed around the clock, 24/7, 365.


    The online reporting system is convenient as it provides a flexible reporting format.


    An automatic email notifications between the fire door inspector, building owner and AHJ is generated whenever an action is taken on the part of any member that requires input from any other member. The email is embedded with a unique hyperlink which allows quick and accurate response.


    The IFDIA online reporting system covers all your business needs. From locating a fire door inspector in a searchable database, to automated request for quotes to fire door inspectors, online review of quotes from multiple fire door inspectors, automated quote acceptance, automatic email communication, and viewing your inspection report online.


    The tools are all online and easy to use. No manuals to read and no software to purchase or download. The site is completely web based and driven by our robust servers.

    How do I find a Fire Door Inspector on this site?

    Fire door inspectors are listed in a searchable database by city, state and zip code. Building owners can even view the training certificates of each fire door inspector.

    What are the different qualifications of fire door inspector members?

    The IFDIA recognizes there may be fire door inspectors with different qualifications. The IFDIA will only list fire door inspectors that have completed a rigorous training course. Presently, the IFDIA offers the only accredited training curriculum. This curriculum is acrredited by the International Accrediataion Services, the leading accreditation body in the United States and throughout the world. The IFDIA also recognizes the training course offered by the Door Hardware Institute.

    How will I find the best Inspector for my needs?

    Not only will you be able to obtain numerous quotations for your project, you will also be able to browse, contribute and discuss any ideas or issues in the password protected building owner forums. In these forums, you, as a building owner/property manager, will be able to discuss best practices, how to determine which doors are fire doors, learn from like minded members and ask specific questions of the IFDIA administrative staff. You will also be able to ask other members about their experiences regarding specific inspectors. These forums are only accessible to registered members. Register today by going to the upper right hand corner and clicking on the "register" button.

    Additionally, we at IFDIA headquarters want to know of any issues you experience with specific members or IFDIA practices. We at IFDIA are here to provide solutions, not problems.

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