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This site will allow for you to:

  • Post your certificate and qualifications in your profile (reviewed by membership board)
  • Upload your photo, or company logo to your profile
  • Be available for look-up by building owners who need inspections
  • Simply click on a hyperlinked email to view quote requests
  • Send quote requests to building owner with hyperlink email notification of acceptance
  • File inspection reports online with automatic notification to AHJ and building owner
  • View local Code Enforcement Official's / AHJ comments online
  • Join a forum and interact with like minded fire door inspectors
  • Send private messages to fire door inspectors, building owners and code officials
  • Receive updates on code changes via email notification.
  • Download inspection report forms
  • To be a member in good standing, you must observe and agree to our code of ethics

Building owners will be sent to this site either by you, or by their local AHJ. This site is free and will help you automate your  fire door inspections for your clients. We welcome any and all comments or feedback and we can be reached by filling out the 'contact us' form at the top of the page.

To get started, go to the Register button in the upper right hand of your screen and create your account. Your information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold. You must register in order to be availabe for lookup by city, state or zip code by interested building owners. Registration also allows for you to submit quotes and reports electronically.