Welcome LAHJ and Code Officials



This site will allow for you to:

  • Point building owners/managers in your jurisdiction to a free site with vetted fire door inspectors
  • Take the load off of your own in-house personnel by having building owners contract out for their annual inspections
  • View reports submitted by IFDIA member fire door inspectors by clicking a simple hyperlink in an email notification
  • Open, view, edit and submit comments automatically to the fire door inspector
  • Approve, or disapprove individually specific door assemblies, or entire projects with a simple click
  • Ask for more details and require doors be brought to code before approval either through the report function, or private messaging
  • Keep a record of annual fire door inspections in your jurisdiction.
  • Send approved report results to your in-house billing department for permit issuance
  • Be assured that all of our fire door inspectors follow a strict code of ethics

This site is FREE to all parties. We welcome any and all comments or feedback and we can be reached by filling out the 'contact us' form at the top of the page.

To get started, go to the Register button in the upper right hand of your screen and create your account. Your information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold. You must register in order to review reports, add comments to reports and approve / not approve any openings recorded on the report. Registration with complete information will allow for reports to seamlessly come to your attention.