Start your firedoor inspection business   

The IFDIA has been building a curriculum to teach interested students how to inspect Swinging Type Fire Door Assemblies, according to the requirements as outlined in NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and other Opening Protectives.

This exciting new online (advanced) course makes it easy for students to enroll and take the class from the comfort of their home or office. Since our class is entirely Internet based, you will only have the cost of the class, without worrying about scheduled classes in your area, or costs for air travel, rental cars or hotel bookings. When a student successfully passes the curriculum and final exam, they will have a complimentary membership to the IFDIA website, along with a printable certificate of completion.

Our curriculum is easy to read and is written in layman's terms, but is packed with technical details. The cost is only $1695.00 and includes a copy of the NFPA 80 Standard and a full Field Guide published by IFDIA. These documents will be sent to you after you complete the course. We require each graduate to re-enroll in, and re-take the class every three years. Retraining every three years is required due to the constant and continuing changes that codes and standards undergo over short periods of time. The cost for the three year re-training is only $895.00, an $800 savings! What is code today‚Ķ may very well not be code tomorrow. Additionally, as a graduate of this online course, you will be sent critical updates via email. Updates will also be posted in our online forums where members (this is a free membership) will be able to interact with other FDI personnel. The 240+ page curriculum is estimated to take an average person, who is knowledgeable to minimum requirements, a maximum of 25 hours to complete. The final exam is 60 minutes long for a total of 50 questions. Anyone desirous of enrolling in this curriculum must take a pre-qualification test to determine whether or not they can take this advanced class.


Our pre-qualification test has absolutely ZERO cost to the student.


What makes our curriculum the best possible choice?>


Our online Swinging Type Fire Door Assembly Inspection course is accredited by the International Accreditation Services, which is part of the parent company of the International Code Council that authors the International Building Code (IBC). Building departments and Authorities Having Jurisdiction recognize IAS accreditation of leading listing agencies, listing/labeling agencies, building departments and special agencies. 


How does the IFDIA compare?



 International Fire Door Inspector Association, FDI Program

  1. $1695.00
  2. Web based, student determined study time. 
  3. Bookmarking feature allows for browser to be closed; when opened, returns to last page viewed.
  4. Independently Accredited by International Accreditation Services.
  5. Continuing education and updates are included for first three years. 
  6. No prerequisite requirements. Student must only pass the Free Pre-Qualification Exam to enroll.
  7. Online search for Fire Door Inspectors. 
  8. Online profile, where photo, logo and company information can be placed. 
  9. Online private chat with other members.
  10. Qualification provided by the Association. 
  11. Immediate access to PDF printable Certificate of Completion. 
  12. Discount coupons available through Affiliate Program resellers. 
  13. Classroom instruction can be provided when needed (restrictions apply)


Door Hardware Institute (DHI) FDAI program.

  1. Cost: $2375.00 for classroom instruction. $1885.00 for online, instructor led, calendar specific dates (not self paced)
  2.  Annual membership dues beginning at $285.00, with a top range of $850.00
  3. Training program is non-accredited. 
  4. Continuing education provided. 
  5. Expensive prerequisite requirements. 
  6. No free online report generation tools. 
  7. Free member look-up of inspectors.
  8. Limited online profile. 
  9. No private member messaging. 
  10. Certification must be purchased annually from Intertek for $1200.00.


What type of experience should I have to enroll in the Advanced Course?


You would want to have at least 3-5 years of experience in one of the following or related fields:


  • Field or shop work in a contract hardware house or general contracting with emphasis on doors, frames and hardware.
  • Field or shop experience in a locksmith or security related business with an emphasis on doors, frames and hardware
  • Field or office experience in code enforcement or inspection of fire doors, frames and hardware. 


If I don't pass the quiz, what can I do to improve my knowledge skills in order to enroll later?


You can obtain a free copy of our Basic Guide to Understanding Fire Door Inspections and we also recommend you purchase a copy of the NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. After study of this material, your skill set level should allow for you to re-enroll in the pre-qualification quiz.  If you are serious about becoming a fire door inspector, the NFPA 80 Standard, along with our easy to understand Basic Guide to Understanding Fire Door Inspections will help prepare you for the exciting new field of annual fire door inspections. 


Let's take a look at the Learning Objectives for this class: 


  • The student will receive instruction on the visual inspection in NFPA 80 for swinging type fire door assemblies.  The curriculum includes photos of complying and non complying door assemblies.
  • Overview of the parts and components that make up a swinging type fire door assembly, as well as an overview of certain pertinent paragraphs in NFPA 80.
  • Additional supplemental information will cover the role of the AHJ, the role of the Building Owner and the role of the Fire Door Inspector.
  • The student will learn the history of the term Authority Having Jurisdiction and how the AHJ is responsible for certain standards and code compliance issues within the jurisdiction.


Our performance objectives for students who take this course are:


  • Each graduate should be able to inspect fire listed swinging type fire door assemblies to the NFPA 80 5.2.4 standards.
  • Each student should be able to accurately spot and report on non-compliant door assembly situations, with applicable code citations.
  • The student will be able to accurately fill out and file reports for door inspections and will understand the process by which approval is obtained through review by the AHJ.

If you have thought about becoming a fire door inspector, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Sign up today and take the free pre-qualification test. Should you pass the free test, you will be able to pay for and enroll in the curriculum.




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