IFDIA launches new web portal

As a member of the IFDIA, you are being notified that we have upgraded, updated and completely re-designed our web portal.

You will find that property owners will no longer need to register to find Certified Fire Door Inspectors. You will also find that we have a section where we highlight our members and their successes; our Business Spotlight link, will highlight a new business every month. To be considered for this opportunity, send us your content, via the “contact us” form and we will try to get your story out there to everyone.

We also want to help you grow. We are now offering a customized website address that is hosted on our servers. You will be able to insert your contact information and we will provide a five page template. For instance, you will be able to obtain a website that follows this format: xyzinspector.ifdia.org. All for a low monthly or annual fee.

We are launching different subscription levels for our members. The basic membership will always remain free, as we promised. However, if you have a desire to see your services listed for property owners to utilize, you will find that we have several different paid subscription models. (John, insert the information here about the pricing and what will be provided for the price, with links to sign up)

We have also removed several of the tools we started with. We will no longer offer an online inspection or report tool. There are so many choices out there now, that our clunky old system is not the best choice. We highly recommend you peruse our list of fire door inspection software vendors as we have heard nothing but good things from other members. We are not endorsing any of these vendors, but simply letting our members know that other members seem very satisfied with these vendors.

Looking for a fire door inspector to hire? We have a jobs posting section where you can find a Certified Fire Door Inspector. Looking for work as a Certified Fire Door Inspector? You can find job postings on the same page.

We have tried to make our new web site as easy to use and as functional as possible. We value any feedback from our members and look forward to working with everyone to ensure this community grows as best as possible. Take a look around and let us know your thoughts.

The IFDIA Team


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