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Who should enroll for this training?

  • In-house staff for facilities. Ensure your doors are compliant before an inspection. Save money and time by finding issues beforehand.
  • Locksmith and security companies that want to offer fire door inspection services.
  • Fire Protection Officials who want a better understanding of the requirements.
  • Individuals who wish to build a fire door inspection services business.

Why is this training important?

  • Doors are the responsibility of the property owner.
  • New standards require an annual inspection of fire doors to ensure compliance.
  • Our training is accredited by International Accreditation Services.
  • Lives have been lost, and will continue to be lost with defective openings.

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Our course is accredited by the International Accreditation Services, one of the premier accreditation agencies in the world.

Available Courses

  • This qualification quiz is to determine if the learner is sufficiently knowledgeable in the area of fire doors to take the advanced Swinging Type Fire Door Inspector Course. The quiz is free. Passing this quiz will not entitle the learner to any certificate and does not constitute any participation in any accreditation process. Should the learner pass this quiz, an opportunity will be given to advance to the payment gateway for course payment and enrollment into the Accredited Advanced Swinging Type Fire Door Inspector Curriculum.

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  • Swinging Type Fire Door Inspector Course
    Learning Objectives:

    • The student will receive instruction on the visual inspection in NFPA 80. The curriculum includes photos of complying and non complying door assemblies.

    • Overview of the parts and components that make up a swinging type fire door assembly, as well as an overview of certain pertinent paragraphs in NFPA 80.

    • Additional supplemental information will cover the role of the AHJ, the role of the Building Owner and the role of the Fire Door Inspector.

    • The student will learn the history of the term Authority Having Jurisdiction and how the AHJ is responsible for certain standards and code compliance issues within the jurisdiction.

    Performance Objectives:

    • Each graduate should be able to inspect fire listed swinging type fire door assemblies to the NFPA 80 standard.

    • Each student should be able to accurately spot and report on non-compliant door assembly situations, with applicable code citations.

    • The student will be able to accurately fill out and file reports for door inspections and will understand the process by which approval is obtained through review by the AHJ.

    Course Benefits/CostsIFDIADHINACHI
    Cost$1695.00$2500.00Not Found
    Annual Membership Fees0$500.00$289.00
    Online CourseYesNoNo
    Independtly AccreditedYes/IASNoNo
    Continuing Ed and Updates?YesNoNo
    Self Paced StudyYes (2 weeks)NoNo
    Prerequisite RequirementsNoYesNo
    Online Search For InspectorsYesYesYes
    Online ProfileYesYesYes

    Course Specifics:

    The time needed to complete this course is between 12-15 hours. The course is followed by a brief survey and a Final Exam of 50 questions with a time limit of 60 minutes. The course fee is Non-Refundable should the learner score less than 80% on the Final. You have an unlimited amount of time to take this course. At the end of the course, students with passing grades will be allowed to print a Certificate of Completion and join the IFDIA.

    Continuing Education:

    Since codes and standards are subject to continuing and ongoing change, students will be required to take this curriculum every three years to maintain their status and Certificate in good standing. The cost of the re-training course is $895. The re-training course is valid for another 3 years. You will receive the latest copy of NFPA 80 and the latest field guide, and annual education updates.

    System Requirements Operating System:

    • Microsoft 2000, XP or Vista

    • Apple Tiger or Leopard OS

    Internet Browser:

    • Firefox 2.0 or greater is recommended

    • Microsoft IE 6, 7 or 8

    Internet connection must be cable, DSL or faster

    Why you should have a fast connection:

    • This course is content rich with over 80 photos and illustrations. Some pages may load very slowly with inadequate internet connection speeds.
  • Swinging Type Fire Door Inspector Course
  • Recertification for Swinging Type Fire Door Inspector
    Price of recertification is $895.

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